Nobody's Purr-fect book cover.

Nobody's Purr-fect
(Especially Not Georgie)

This story about a family's rescue cat is one of love and acceptance.

One fun-filled fall day quickly turns into a troublesome one for the LoSanto family. Eight-year-old Jake and six-year-old Todd deeply love and enjoy their gray green-eyed cat, Georgie (named for our first president). But Grandma thinks he’s a big annoying pain. He disappoints her because she expects him to be a good cat, and he’s often mischievous. Dad, Grandpa, and the boys think he’s funny.

While each family member deals differently with their cat’s unusual behavior, Georgie’s unexpected action on this day thrusts the family into a worrisome situation. Can this family pull together to solve the cat mystery? Will Georgie’s unexpected action change Grandma’s thoughts about him? As the mystery continues, does the family give up in their efforts to help Georgie? How would your family handle this situation?

Messages from the Book

Sad is not a big enough word to tell how I feel.
~ Nobody’s Purr-fect
(Especially Not Georgie)
But the more I call and he doesn’t show himself, the more I believe that he is lost forever.
~ Nobody’s Purr-fect
(Especially Not Georgie)

Nobody's Purr-fect

Written by Angela LaCarrubba

Christian Faith Publishing, Inc, April 3, 2019
Ages 0 - 12 years
Grades K-6

Press Release, October 7, 2019

Hardcover ISB-13: 978-1-644165249
Paperback ISBN-10: 1644165244
Also available as an ebook

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Nobody’s Purr-fect keeps you on your toes with its suspenseful plot but yet will bring out all the feelings of compassion and togetherness for the sake of little Georgie. It’s a great read for kids of all ages as it shows how sometimes you may have a different perspective about someone or something but in the end what’s important is coming together to make everyone feel loved and accepted.
— Ali Carpenter

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