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Dancing With the Truth

Leads the reader to ask, what would I do in this situation?
Dancing With The Truth book cover

Nobody's Purr-fect

A Suspenseful Book About Acceptance
Nobody's Purr-fect book cover.

Grow Team Grow

How can a kid play basketball if he never gets a chance to shoot a basket?
Grow Team Grow book cover.
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Readers are saying...

Dancing with the Truth by Angela LaCarrubba is a delightful book with a very important message for children and adults. I loved it!
— Audrey Zavetz
Good lesson for children! Children can learn about tolerance and love from this book (Nobody’s Purr-fect). Also, there is much in it for kids who love cats. A great gift for young family members to read and enjoy over and over.
— Greg DeSalvo
This (Dancing With The Truth) is a wonderful story of a young boy who, fearful of being bullied, lies about his love of dancing. But through the example of his cat, Georgie, and his own sense of right and wrong openly admits to the truth. Great lessons.
— Claire B., Retired Elementary School Teacher

About Angela

Photo of Author Angela LaCarrubba

Angela retired from her career as an elementary school teacher and began her career as a children’s book author. Her experiences from childhood, parenting, grandparenting, and teaching give her rich sources from which to create characters for her books.

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I'm Georgie!

I'm the real star of these books. Just thought you all should know.

Photo of Georgie the cat featured in Angela LaCarrubba's books.


In Dancing With the Truth, Angela LaCarrubba’s second book, this author has produced an insightful, intelligent and inspiring story about a young boy’s struggle to be true to himself. I’m looking forward to more touching tales from Ms. LaCarrubba.
— Brenda Brunelle